NextGA Impact

NextGA Graphic

Six engine components will connect and amplify the resources involved in NextGA: economic development, community, innovation-in-place, workforce development, use-inspired research, and quality of life. Each component will have a community representative in all 20 Georgia testbed counties, and team leads for each component serve on the NextGA Executive Leadership Group.

By the end of the initial planning period, we will have built the knowledge base and network of deep community engagement required to fuel a successful Innovation Engine. Specifically, our phase 1 outcomes will include:

  • Fully building, developing and integrating our NextGA Engine team
  • Understanding the needs and aspirations of the Engine‚Äôs region
  • Arriving at a NextGA engine vision shared by all stakeholders
  • Fully identifying the use-inspired research supporting the NextGA engine vision
  • Planning pathways of innovation-to-practice needed to achieve the vision
  • Planning needed workforce education and innovation to support the vision
The University of Georgia Department of Research
NSF Engines Development Award